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Coldframes and Cloches


Coldframes and Cloches really serve the same purpose. The difference being Cold Frames are situated permanantly in the same place, where as cloches can be moved around.


Cold frames are ideal for overwintering hardy plants to protect them from the worst of the weather even though the Cold Frame will not provide total frost protection.


Use Cold Frames to provide nursery beds for the raising of Vegetable plants and other plants which are later transplanted. The sowing times can be brought forward by about a month and germination will also be far more reliable.


Plants which are sown and grown in a heated greenhouse can be moved out to Cold Frames in April to harden off. This is not only good for the plants, but does free up a lot of valuable space inside the greenhouse at a time when space is often beginning to run out.


With some basic DIY skills Cold Frames can be constructed cheaply from planks of wood and the tops (lights) glazed with either glass or plastic. More elaborate brick built frames are very nice if the gardener is prepared to go to some expense. Such frames will last 50 years or more.


Cloches are ideal for placing on the ground for about 2 weeks prior to sowing to dry and warm the soil. This can start in February in most areas. After sowing place the cloches back on. germination will be quicker and far more reliable. The crop can be expected 2 to 3 weeks earlier than sowing outdoors. cloches can be glass or more often plastic or polythene.








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