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Young Persons Safety On The Internet - Notes To Parents And Teachers

Prior to opening the young gardeners' club, my staff and I considered the whole question of safety on the Internet, for young people. Using a focus group comprising of parents, head teachers and young people, we have formed a basic code of principles that will govern how this particular section of this web site is used by GardenAdvice.co.uk, and the younger users.

The code covers these basic principles:

  1. We will never use a young person's surname in any content on any web site or paper-based newsletters.
  2. We will never disclose in whole or part a young person's address to a third party without express permission from the young person's parents or guardians.
  3. Membership details of the young gardeners will be held on a secure server with access only available to two senior staff members.
  4. We will require parental or guardian consent as part of the membership application procedure for members under 13 years of age.


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