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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Painting pots

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Hairy Monster Pots

These scary monster pots are great fun to make and look fantastic on a window ledge or patio. Once you have decorated the pot and planted the grass seed you won’t have long to wait until the grassy green monster hair begins to grow. Once the hair is long enough you can start trimming it, you could even try giving your monster different hairstyles!

Paint the base

  1. Paint a base colour all over the pot, monsters come in all sorts of colours so you can chose your favourite.
  2. Using a pencil draw the face of your monster face on to the painted pot. If you want you can design the face on a piece of paper before hand. When you are happy with the face, paint it and leave the pot to dry.
  3. Put a layer of broken crocks or pebbles in the bottom of the pot for drainage and fill it almost to the top with compost.
  4. Carefully sprinkle grass seed over the surface of the compost. You don’t have to cover it with soil; it will happily grow where it falls. Using a watering can with a fine rose carefully water your monster. Check the compost each day to make sure it is damp.

Big Green Hair

Soon your monster will sprout alarming green hair. Wait until the grass is well established before giving your monster his first haircut, or you could just leave it to grow long flowing green tresses! Remember to keep the pot well watered, especially in hot weather.


Two little monsters

Clare Matthews, Clare Matthews Garden Design Ltd.