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Your own gardening business

Own your own gardening business by buying a GardenAdvice franchise for just £9,995 plus £500 per month license fee A GardenAdvice local gardener franchisee includes a vehicle, equipment, insurances, administrative support, and ongoing marketing as well as full training. In addition to run the Franchise fully you will need access to between £5,000 to £10,000 working capital.

What you will be doing:

Fully Backed up with our advisor services and our MyGardenTeam Online gardening assistants..

Guaranteed first year income - £ 15,000

First year expected income - £ 30,000

Second year expected income - £ 45,000

Franchise includes initial training and ongoing income.

Plus our 12 month buy back guarantee if you wish to sell your GardenAdvice Franchise within the first 12 months ( conditional on vehicle and equipment being in good order )

The GardenAdvice franchise can also be adapted to a training mode for people wishing to re-train for a career in horticulture having an existing interest in gardening. In training mode the fees and license are the same and the GardenAdvice franchise system contains a training element requiring one day per week or one week every 6weeks in training with a senior GardenAdvice advisor. The training element is free of charge but has an impact on the first and second years income whilst you are training.

For further information email us at localgardener@gardenadvice.co.uk