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Container plant rescue - Hardy Fucshia

The GardenAdvice team show you how to rescue a neglected container plant.

Stage One. Remove the plant from the old container and clean of as much as the compost as possable. This will help to remove any pests that have built up such as wine weevil or slugs that have found ther way into the pots.

Stage Two. prune away any damaged roots with secaters or a knife. After prunning the roots next prune the stems main body of the plant firstly cutting away damaged or dead stems.

Stage Three. Once all the damaged areas are removed you need to balance the plant. Nornaly a plant will naturaly create a balance between the leaves and folige it has above the ground against the roots and stems it has under ground. if you have removed roots by prunning then you should try to create a balance by prunnung the stems in the main body of the plant.

Stage Four. The final stage is to repot the plant with new compost making sure that you gentaly shake the plant to ensure that the compost makes good contact with the roots.

After repotting the plant should be placed in a cold greenhouse well watered and feed with a liquid feed untill the shoot start to re grow at which stage it can be placed outside.



Remove plant from container


Prune away damaged roots

split the plant if necessary

Cleaned roots

Repot plant


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