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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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At GardenAdvice we have used spring hanging baskets for some time to produce additional colour in the early spring. Useful for providing a quick burst of colour before the danger of late frost has passed preventing the planting out of the main summer bedding plants.

Spring handing baskets are created in the same way as summer baskets. The best type of basket is the wire type, which allows you to plant the sides with ease. The liner can be moss or the manmade type. If possible we always use the moss because it is easier to plant any trailing plants in the sides.

The most difficult area with hanging baskets is the watering mainly because of the size and construction. For this reason we recommend that you use compost with a wetting agent. This is an additive by the supplier, which helps break the natural surface tension of the water making it easier for the water to be soaked up by the compost. Another useful tip with regard to watering is to combine a 2 to 4 inch pot in the top of the finished basket, this acts a s a reservoir to hold the water whilst it soaks into the basket.

Plants that can be used in spring baskets include polyanthus, primroses and pansies for the flowering plants with ivy and some small alpine plants such as sedum and saxifraga for the side planting.





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