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Container gardening, plant containers and hanging baskets How to - container gardens  
  Hanging baskets Hanging Baskets   Hydrangea cuttings Hydrangea cuttings   irrigation Container Rescue

A step by step guide to making your own hanging basket.


Find out how best to take cuttings from your hydrangea plant.


How to rescue container plants that have problems such as having outgrown their pots.

  container gardens Container Gardens   windowbox Window box   Container Weeds Container Weeds

An introduction in container gardening and the benefits and problems it produces.


A step by step guide to making an attractive window box.


Creating the ideal conditions for your plant also means that you have created the ideal conditions for unwanted weeds.

  growing bulbs Growing bulbs   growing shrubs Growing Shrubs   geranium  

The garden advice team explain how to grow bulbs in containers for spring colour.


We explain the basics of growing shrubs in pots and what to do when they out grow the pot.

  bizzie-lizzie Bizzie-Lizzie   Summer Hanging baskets Summer Hanging Baskets   geranium Geranium cuttings

Growing summer bedding from plugs and what to do when potting them.


Make a hanging basket for the summer.


Find out how best to take cuttings from your geraniums.


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