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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Summer hanging baskets

The GardenAdvice team show you how to create a summer hanging basket
Hanging baskets are quick and effective at providing additional colour. It's difficult to fail with baskets and this explains the popularity

The first stage is to fill the basket. We prefer the wire type because it is easier to plant the sides with trailing plants as against the solid plastic type. Filling the basket is easier if you place it on top of a flower pot as in the photo. The compost you us should contain a wetting agent that makes water soak into the compost much more effectively. Lining the basket can be carried out with moss or a purpose designed liner.

Once the liner is installed you can start to plant the sides whilst building up the compost in the basket. A good tip is to place a 3-inch pot in the top of the basket so that it is level with the finished level of the compost. This will aid watering especially if you intend to use a watering can.
Planting should start with the sides using plants that will cover the side such as bizzy lizes or trailing plants such as lobelia which is the classic plant for hanging baskets. Plants for the top can include geraniums, fuchsias, marigolds and petunia.

You should experiment with plant comminations, this year the GardenAdvice team have been experimenting with sweet peas.

Watering needs to be done daily as the hanging baskets soon dry out the best watering method is to use drip irrigation as this is the most effective method.

Feeding is another key area with hanging baskets because of the amount of plants used in such a small area. The best way to feed is with liquid feed directly into the top of the basket once a week with a watering can. Feeding should start a week after the basket is created

Positioning is also a point worth mentioning. Hanging basket need sun and shelter for the best results, if you need to place hanging basket in a windy area a good idea is to secure it to the bracket with a small chain.



Summer hanging basket




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