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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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What To Wear In The Garden?

By Helen Wand.

You're probably wondering, why on earth is this woman going on about clothes. I thought this was supposed to be a gardening web site, not one for the fashion icons of this world! No I'm not trying to transform our site, but there are some amongst us who like to keep warm and not look like a bag lady!

Also, it may well be that some of you busy gardening types, either don't have the time, or like me hate spending hours fighting around the shops. Only to come home with a pair of stylish wellies that don't fit properly, that you've got to damn well take back. As you may have gathered I've become a bit of a country bumpkin, living in the wilds of Hampshire, who doesn't venture into the big city unless I really have to! And then I have to know what I want and where to get it before I leave home. So if this sounds familiar, then read on!

So let's cut to the chase. Recently, I've discovered that not only does the company Barbour still produce the old favourite wax cotton number, but they've now got a huge range of other very stylish comfy gear, that's very suitable for digging up the old garden. Not only do they have the standard wellies, warm padded jackets, stylist waterproof hats, but also nice beautiful heavyweight cable knit linen sweaters as well as moleskin trousers. So that's pretty much everything the stylist gardener might need.

The only problem for a catalogue junkie like me, is that they don't yet sell by mail order! But if you check out their website, you'll be able to find your nearest retailer. You never know if enough of us petition them, Barbour might even start selling their gear via the web!


Meantime, Happy Warm Gardening


The Barbour website is at www.barbour.co.uk


The Organic Veg Doc

PS: Three Barbour suppliers do sell mail order:

John Norris
+44 1768 864211

WM Powell & Son
+44 121 643 0689

Country Classics
+44 1202 880007



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