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Selling your house - Landscaping or improving your garden to help sell your house.


Although improving your garden in itself does not improve your properties value it has been proven by research to help sell your house in a short period of time and help you achieve the asking price for the property.

First impressions count, whether its a possible purchaser viewing your property by a viewing visit or seeing pictures of your property on the internet for the first time on such sites as findaproperty A well designed garden can add the "wow factor" to any house increasing its impact and making it stand out within a group of other houses for sale within the same area and price range.


The GardenAdvice team have produced a number of short points for you to follow in producing a garden that will help sell your property

Work with your agent and such web sites as make such they publish not only picture of your house but also the garden as this will help make your property stand out.


Other tips and ideas
If you are selling your house in winter installing small spot lights that run on a 12 volt system it is a great way to add depth and character to a property in the early evening increasing impact as the prospective purchasers arrive for a viewing. Combine with large pots to increase the effect.