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Selling your house - Landscaping or improving your garden to help sell your house.

Although improving your garden in itself does not improve your properties value it has been proven by research to help sell your house in a short period of time and help you achieve the asking price for the property.

First impressions count, whether its a possible purchaser viewing your property by a viewing visit or seeing pictures of your property on the internet for the first time. A well designed garden can add the "wow factor" to any house increase its impact making it stand out within a group of other houses for sale within the same area and price range.

The GardenAdvice team have produced a number of short points for you to follow in producing a garden that will help sell your property
• First set a time period when you are likely to place your house on the market. This will allow you to use a number of plants that will be at their most colourful when your property is for sale increasing your properties impact.

• Garden Shapes and views - If you have a narrow garden or L Shaped garden by splitting it into different areas and introducing pergolas or archways it possible to give the garden the look of a far larger garden than it actually is.

• Consider your buyers - think about your possible buyers, if the property is in an area with good schools it might be worth focusing some of the garden on a child friendly water feature or if the property is in a coastal area popular with retired people it might be worth installing a ramp in place of some existing steps

• See what other property styles are selling in your area. If modern looking houses are selling in your area you can create a modern looking garden with pots and structured plants such as grasses and evergreen plants such as Skimmia japonica

• Lawns a great way to add life to a garden is to re-lay a lawn using first class turf and mulch the beds around the lawn with bark mulch to set off the new lawn.

• Drives - Old tarmac drives can be treated with a tarmac restorer paint and brick paving drives can be re-sealed in both cases this will improve the look of a drive and provide a new look

• Scented plants using mildly scented plants near your front door such as sweet peas is a great way to make a favourable first impression.

Work with your agent and make sure websites publish not only a picture of your house but also the garden as this will help make your property stand out.

Other tips and ideas
If you are selling your house in winter installing small spot lights that run on a 12 volt system is a great way to add depth and character to a property in the early evening increasing impact as the prospective purchasers arrive for a viewing. Combine with large pots to increase the effect.
• Old garages can be improved by buying climbers grown on trellis in pots available from most garden centres and standing against the garage

• Conservatories - Adding a few palm plants each side of the view into the garden will have the effect of increasing the perceived depth of the garden




One Day Gardening Course in your own garden or a GardenAdvice venue
Our one day gardening courses are run in your own garden or at a GardenAdvice venue  by one of our gardening experts teaching you about your own garden and how to develop is making it more colourful and easier to maintain. Our courses are tailored to the requirements of the individual and come in three basic formats - New to gardening, Growing your own fruit and vegetables and wildlife gardening. Our one day gardening courses also come with a years membership to our MyGardenTeam service to support you for 12 months All the GardenAdvice one day gardening courses include a years membership to our MyGardenTeam team service included in the course cost which provides you with ongoing advice and assistance in your garden from the GardenAdvice expert gardeners. For further details  Click Here