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How to select builders or contractors to help you develop your home or garden 

If you would rather get your garden construction work carried built by builders or contractors than building it yourself, the GardenAdvice Team have created 10 top tips to make sure that you select the right builder or contractor for the job.

  • Always request for a detailed quote and a plan for the works to be carried out.
  • Ask questions about the construction. For example the way it is going to be constructed and how the project is likely to progress
  • Ask to see a sample of the materials that are going to be used to see the quality.
  • Ask to speak to a client that the contractor has worked for in the last 2 years. Most people love to talk about their new garden, extension or new house construction..
  • Set a time scale with your contractor or builder  remember a contractor is a born optimist, so add 25% to the time scale. A good contractor will have pride in his work and if they feel under pressure especially in the final stages of the job, they might take shortcuts and its final finishing touches that can create a long lasting project  that will last for years.
  • Always agree in writing a payment schedule with your builder or contractor and always ask for a receipt as you make a payment.
  • Cups of tea - When your builder or contractor starts on site meet him or her and his employees and make them a cup of tea, it sounds strange but it sets the tone for the whole job. First impression count and this simple act will make sure your builder or contractor goes the extra mile for you.
  • As the contract or work progress, show an interest and ask questions especially if you are not sure often  the answers are simple and you will learn a lot.
  • If you do have problems or concerns then put it in writing as clearly as possible, ideally in an email as it is less formal than a letter but makes the point.
  • Before you issue your final payment, make sure that you are happy and that the job is complete, all rubbish removed and all the snagging finished. If not, agree with your builder or contractor a time scale and consider retaining a suitable sum of money to be withheld until the works are finished


If you need advice or simply have a question, you can always send the GardenAdvice team a quick email and we will do our best.

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