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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Wheelie Bin covers - How to cover up a Wheelie Bin

With the focus on recycling and composting the number of wheelie bins must have at leasted trebled over the last few years. With many gardeners having a small garden with limited space they are often not that easy to cover up or hide. Creating a purpose built wooden box type structure is one idea however this can be an expensive exersise in both terms of money and the use of space in a small garden.
The solution in most cases is to use a wheelie bin cover. This is a flexable cover thats stuck directly onto the bin as a single sheet or in some case 4 seperate sides. The idea being that the wheelie bin can be made to blend in with its sourrounding or made to look as through its a structure covered with ivy or virginia creeper.
When choosing a wheelie bin cover you should consider how it will look in all four seasons. For example if you have a number of plants that loss there leaves in the winter and cover the wheelie bin with an ivy pattern it might stand out more in the winter months. One soulution to this potential problem might be to have the wheelie bin with 2 or 4 different sides so you are able to turn its to show a different theme in the spring and winter seasons and in doing so able to match the surrounding garden and so blend in.
The other alternative is to made the wheelie bin a feature of the garden by the use of Wheelie bin covers to made it a feature of the garden.













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