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Houseplants - house plants and plant care how to - house plants  
  Cheese Plant Cheese Plant   poor mans orchid African Violets   propagation Propagation

If you have a cheese plant or rubber plant that is about to touch the ceiling and need to take drastic action propagating a new plant could be the answer.


Propagate African Violets using leaf stem cuttings.


We explain how to take cuttings of your favourite house plants.

  House plants - How to Looking after your house plants Look After
  origin of houseplants Where do house plants originate   Care for your houseplants Houseplant care

Did you under-water or over-water the last plant you had in the house. We show you how to get the best out of your house plants.


Every wondered where your house plant came from originally, well now you can find out. This article will also tell you where best to site the plants.



A comprehensive guide on how to look after your houseplants from potting to re-potting.


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