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Lawn Care Calendar for September

Traditionally September is the time you should be assessing your lawn and formulating a plan carrying out any major renovations or improvements in the autumn.

Aspects of your lawn to consider.


How level is your lawn

Depending on how uneven you lawn a number of solutions can be used ranging from top-dressing over a number of seasons to adjust the level to lifting the turf and re laying it once you have adjusted the levels by adding or removing soil.

Thatch Build Up

This is the build between the base of the grass plant and the soil in your turf. It forms a mat of dead grass that makes the lawn feel spongy, particularly in wet weather. One of the main problems with thatch it is the ideal environment for diseases such as red thread and dollar spot.

Lawn Disease

In the Autumn and the summer you should keep a close eye on your lawn checking it every few days for areas that turn yellow red as this is often the first signs of a fungal disease such as Red Thread


Damaged Edges

If your lawn has some heavy use or is on a light soil the edges can often become damaged. This is an ideal time to re-turf or seed the edges using a flexible lawn edge such as Smartedge


Damaged Areas or Patches

These areas can be re-turfed or re seeded September and October


Rough or Weed Grasses in your Lawn

Often in a lawn with fine grasses you will find a patch of rougher grass such as Yorkshire fog or rye grass. The best solution is to remove these areas and reseed or re turf.


Summer Colour

If your lawn did not have a very good colour during the summer months this might be due to compaction. spiking and hollow coring your lawn in the autumn and winter will allow the grass plant roots to grow deeper into the soil to maintain a better colour in the warmer summer months



Autumn is a great time to plan for a winter lawn drainage project. For further information and free diagrams on lawn drainage contact our free advisor service

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