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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Lawn seed - creating a lawn from seed

Sowing lawn seed - we normally supply or recommend the ideal mix of grass seeds to use which we work out based on the location of the lawn and the soil type.
When you are ready to seed you need firstly to rake over the area lightly with a wire or springbok rake in two direction. Then apply the seed at the recommended rate. If its a normal sized lawn you are best to mark out the area into metre squares by using some string and apply a measured amount into each area. The amount will depend on the type and species of the seed in the grass seed mixture.
With the seed applied lightly rake the lawns surface then water the area with a fine spray on a watering can or hose.
At this stage the key is to keep the area and the seed moist for 14 days not allowing it to dry out. This means spraying the area with water up to twice a day.
During this period it is O.K to walk on the newly sown lawn to remove small stone that the watering with reveal.
Once the seed has germinated and reached 35mm high it should be rolled or lightly walked on during a dry day. This causes tillering which is were the need seedings are damaged in the main stems encouraging them to send out or grow additional stem from the base of each plant.
When the grass reaches 40mm high its time to cut it with a rotary mower or flymo. Ideally it should be a sharp blade. Set the mover to remove the tops of the grass plants remembering that you should not remove more that a third of the total grass plant at anyone time.
Any weeds that have germinated at this stage with the grass will normally be removed by the cutting as most cannot recover. More persistent and perennial weeds can be removed by hand or treated with a weed killer 13 weeks after sowing if this season is right.
Feeding in the early stages of creating a lawn is not normally required as this stage.







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