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Sources Of Old Style Tools

By Helen Wand.

Well what exactly do I mean by old? Well not something really, really old and fragile and worth a fortune ie not an antique. But something unusual, probably designed just for a specific task. Basically something that's nice to have around the place, that you can actually use, but can't buy any more. Whether it's an unusual hoe, a dinky little spade or fork, a trowel, a beautifully balanced watering can, an unusual lawn spiker or even a tiny push mower that's just perfect for that tiny, postage stamped-sized lawn.

The quality and individuality of these tools is what I find the most appealing. Some of them you used to be able to buy from the oldey worldy ironmongers where you could also buy nails, screws and all manner of widgets either singley or even by the pound if you've a mind to!

Alas these meccas for the widget and tool anoracks have all but died out, except for the odd one here and there. One I have discovered from scouring the internet is JW Kaye located in Holmfirth, the location for "Last Of The Summer Wine" [comedy series set in the North of England]! There's also a wonderful company called Haws who've been manufacturing watering cans since 1886. Whilst they do of course make watering cans of the plastic variety, they're still also manufacturing the authentic Victorian version, just as they used to in the last century.

The wonderful thing about these particular pieces of garden art, is that not only are they of excellent quality, but they don't cost the earth, and are widely available, including in North America!


Happy Tool Hunting,

The Organic Veg Doctor







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