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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Organic Gardening And Those Pesky Weeds

By Helen Wand.

As every organic gardener knows, or if you're just starting out you'll soon find out, the main problem is weeds! If you are growing organically then I'm afraid you can't just zap everything with nasty chemicals, no matter how tempting that may be! If these pesky things aren't dealt with not only will your garden look seriously untidy, cause the neighbours to point and tut, but you'll feel exhausted and depressed as well! Just by looking at it! So what to do? The obvious answer is get yourself organised, pull your finger out and drag out that hoe!

Regular cultivation of the soil around your beds and veggies is essential. As it allows the air into the roots, makes weeding easier and allows the birds to get to the bugs. There are a great many tools and gadgets on the market to assist in the fight against the dreaded weeds. So many in fact, that if you're not careful you can end up with an entire shed full of stuff, on which you've spent an absolute fortune! Most of which just gathers dust! So my advice is to spend a bit and start off with on a few really good tools that will last you a lifetime, and be very adaptable. One such tool is the Mantis Tiller / Cultivator.

I found that one of the best things about the Mantis is the fact that it only weighs 20 pounds. l found it especially useful if you're suffering with a touch of the dreaded "gardeners' back", or your name's not Popeye! The Mantis is brilliant in cultivating in and around shrubs and trees, as well as digging planting furrows, for your spuds, beans and onion sets. It also has a variety of very useful additional attachments for aerating and de-thatching your lawn as well as trimming your hedges!

Basically it's an extremely versatile piece of kit that anyone can use. So one of these, together with a few hand tools, should be all you need to keep your organic garden weed free. And leave you happy and energetic!


Happy Organic Gardening.

From the Organic Veg Doctor.







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