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Garden Stream

Garden Stream

Garden Stream

Spring Water Feature

Spring Water Feature


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Child friendly garden water feature - a small garden stream and spring.


A young family and ponds or water features in a garden can be a receipt of disaster waiting to happen. However with a little though its possible to include a water feature in a child friendly garden and so enhance the experience of the garden from a child's point of view. Over the years the GardenAdvice team have developed two child safe types of water features which have the added advantage of attacking addition wildlife and adding another dimension to your garden. Here the GardenAdvice team show you how to build a child friendly stream and spring water feature. 



The spring


The simplest of ideas the spring is a hole dug in the ground, lined with a butly liner normally an off cut available from your local fish and pond centre. Into this is placed a garden water feature pump and then the area is back filled with 10 mm clean gravel.

The water is pumped through a number of different interchangeable fountain heads and is recycle back through the gravel, The gravel acts as a filter and allows safe access by children to the foundation head.

A garden spring feature also has the added advantage of creating a micro climate for plants such as ferns and other plants that require a higher than normal air moisture content. Find out how to construct your own garden spring with our expert guide Coming shortly



The stream


Similar to the spring in construction but with the addition of a small stream section. Created by firstly digging a shallow sloping channel in your garden and lining with a butyl liner. Then by adding rocks and loose sand and gravel its possible to create a natural looking stream. The water is pumped to the head of the stream feature from a sump similar to the one constructed for the spring water feature at the base of the stream.

A great garden feature for children, if you have ever as a child played Po-sticks or made paper boats and raced them in a small stream then this will give you some idea just how much fun this feature can provide to children.

Again a stream can be used to create a micro climate for different plants. Its possible to create pockets of moist earth at the side of the stream for moisture loving plants such as Caltha and Rheum extending the interest in your garden Find out how to construct your own garden spring with our expert guide Coming shortly