Pulmonaria Victorian Brooch


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How to Purchase MyGardenTeam plant swap plants

Once you have provided your MyGardenTeam GardenAdvice advisor with your spare or unwanted plants. Your advisor will issue you with a voucher to use to purchase other plants on the GardenAdvice plant shop and MyGardenTeam plant swap system. The value of the voucher starts at least £1.25 per plant and increases depending on the type and size of the plant.

The MyGardenTeam plant swaps take place all year but mainly when the plants are dormant between October and March 

As a new MyGardenTeam member you will be provided with a voucher to purchase up to 20 plants without the need to swap and of your own plants to help you get your garden started with MyGardenTeam

To see a full range of the plants currently available of the MyGardenTeam service plant swap Click Here



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