7 Key Benefits of a Bespoke Garden Room

image from Into The Garden Room

Garden rooms are more popular than ever before and while there are many stunning ready-made designs to choose from, there’s something a bit special about getting your own bespoke garden room.

With a bespoke design, the opportunities are limitless. However, greater customisation does come at a higher cost. So, is it worth it? It certainly can be.

Here are seven of the most important benefits you can enjoy when you choose a custom-built garden room.

images from Into The Garden Room

1. Endless Options

Many pre-designed garden rooms come with various customisation options. You might be able to change the position of the door, for example, or the number of windows. But, you can’t beat a bespoke garden room when it comes to fully personalised customisation –the options are almost endless.

You can choose everything from larger features like the size of the building, its shape, the type of roof, the size and shape of the windows, the materials, the cladding and the finishes right down to the smallest details like the number and position of the electrical sockets.

Everything is designed to match your specific style and personal taste, ensuring  it’s entirely customised to your unique requirements and lifestyle.

images from Into The Garden Room

2. The Perfect Fit for Your Garden

Your garden may be large or small, or it might have an unconventional shape. Sometimes, a pre-designed garden room just doesn’t quite fit. Or, perhaps the overall design doesn’t quite go with the unique surroundings and features in your garden.

A bespoke design allows you to create the best room for your particular space, without having to settle for a predefined size, or layout that simply doesn’t work as well as it could.

The room is built for your garden alone in a way that perfectly matches the surroundings and makes the best possible use of available space. So whatever the size or shape of your garden, you don’t need to compromise on your dream garden room ambitions.

Perhaps you want it to fit into an awkward space to take advantage of a particularly fine view. Or, you may want to make use of an underutilised space in your garden.

A bespoke room integrates with the garden seamlessly and enhances its aesthetics, giving you complete freedom.

images from Into The Garden Room

3. Use It for Any Purpose You Wish

One of the best things about garden rooms is that you can use them for so many different purposes.

For example, you may want to create a garden room with two separate areas; one to use as a home office, and another to use as your yoga studio. This becomes easier when you opt for a bespoke space.

You may even want a shower incorporated into the design, or other features and facilities that are not typically included in standard rooms. Bespoke designs give you complete freedom to create your perfect multi-use space.

So, if you have a specific purpose, or purposes, in mind, a custom garden room will help you make this a reality without having to adapt to the constraints of a predetermined design.

4. Ensure You Meet Planning Requirements

If your home happens to be a listed building, or you live in a conservation area, there are  specific requirements around what you can and cannot do when it comes to having a garden room.

Planning permission is often required in these situations, and the constraints can be more restrictive. You may find that a standard garden room design doesn’t meet the requirements.

However, with a bespoke design, you can tailor the features to meet any stricter regulations, while still ensuring your garden room is everything you want it to be. In some situations, this could even make it easier to get planning permission.

5. Enjoy a More Emotional Connection

One of the most important benefits of getting a bespoke garden room is the emotional connection you will feel with it.

When you admire your timber-constructed building in years to come, you will know that you were involved in the entire process from start to finish. You can enjoy all the little details that you had a say in during the design stage, and it’s an incredibly satisfying experience.

6. Get Something that Truly Stands Out

Many pre-designed garden rooms look amazing and add something special to a garden, but a bespoke design goes even further. There will not be any other garden room quite like yours, which creates a true wow factor that never fails to impress you, or your guests.

7. Add Value to Your Property

The growing desirability of garden rooms and how flexible they are result in them adding value to your property.

There are no set rules around how much value a garden room will add, but according to seasoned estate agent Grant Letts at Curchods in Weybridge it’s around 1.25 times the cost of the garden room build. So, if you pay £50,000 for a quality garden room, you can expect to see an increase of around £62,500 to the value of your property. A bespoke garden room can arguably add even more than a standard room because of its uniqueness and the way it perfectly matches the unique surroundings and features in your garden.

Bespoke garden buildings are very appealing to potential buyers. As well as the benefits that all high-quality garden rooms provide, like additional living space, they offer something truly unique. 

Enjoy the Experience

Finally, designing a bespoke garden room is a lot of fun. Rather than choosing a design and that being the end of the process, you’re fully involved from start to finish.

You’ll work with experienced architects and designers, take on board their suggestions, brainstorm ideas together, and make final decisions based on their expert input. It’s an exciting and fulfilling experience , and you’ll likely enjoy the design process as much as the final result.
Your unique input throughout the process means you’ll end up with something that’s truly personal and meaningful to you and your lifestyle. As such, your bespoke garden room will be something you’ll treasure and enjoy for many years to come.