Artificial Grass Horsham West Sussex found to be eco friendly

Artificial Grass is not the first item you tend to think about as an eco friendly product but a recent calculation on an artificial grass in West Sussex showed compared to the traditional lawn in areas around London artificial lawns are a better option for protecting the environment than traditional lawns.
The problem with traditional lawns especially in Horsham West Sussex as compared to artificial lawns its that the traditional image of the perfectly stripped lawn mown on Sunday morning every Sunday morning through the spring and summer is normally created with heavy feeding with high nitrate feeds to achieve the lush green deep grass sward.
Over the last 10 years UK farmers have been lobbed by environment group to stop using such high nitrate feeds because of the problems is can cause in the enviroment especially with nutrient run offs into local later courses for example stream and ditches eventually pollution water supplies with algae blooms.
Amazingly to use of high nitrate feeds on garden lawn has bearly registered on the enviromentists check list but the reality is that all those perfect lawns being fedd with high nitrate feeds add up to be a much more damaging environment problem.
In contact Artificial Grass create from plastic not the most environmentally friendly product is a single use long lasting product that requires no high nitrate feeds and last for up to 10 years with no impact on the environment once installed.