Attracting Birds on your Backyard with the Best Woodpecker Feeders

If you are a bird lover, you might want to attract them on your backyard. Most homeowners love the view of these feathered woodpeckers because they bring color to the garden. Lots of people want to experience the wonders of nature and just take a break from the daily hustle of life. The feeders can also help the parent feed their young and this encourages healthier bird species. 
When it comes to feeding especially setting a place for the woodpeckers to eat, a homeowner should choose the best feeder for his backyard. When birds are properly fed, they are very fun to watch, and they become more energetic. The extra boost of calories can also help them becomes survivors of the harsh winter climates.
Food for Woodpeckers
These birds mostly dine on nuts, berries, sap, fruits, and pines. They are also enticed by suet. The suet cake can be placed on cages and wires for easier access. There are a lot of suet cakes available in many stores and aviaries. 
Most birds will be attracted to your home when you offer black oil sunflower seeds, grapes, apples, and raisins. Near the suet, you can create a snag where the woodpeckers can nest comfortably. The snag can be made up of old stumps or dead trees. Most birds prefer to build a home on rotting trees so that they can easily get nest holes.
Here are the Best Feeders to Choose From

  1. Cages

You can place the suet cake inside a metal basket. This is a very inexpensive kind of square metal with lots of square holes where the birds have access to food. There are even square baskets that were attached to the sides to provide a place where the birds can stand on. Smaller square baskets are perfect for smaller species such as the Downy woodpecker. But if you want to see larger ones, you need to get a suet cage that will fit them comfortably.

  1. Tail Props

Most homeowners choose a feeder with tail props because it attracts more birds to their property.  This is because as woodpeckers are naturally accustomed to feeding on a tree, they have their tails securely prop on the trunk. To feel more secure, most woodpeckers will prefer that their two feet and tail are in contact with something. If you have a tail prop, the woodpeckers can safely start banging their heads and feel more secure. The tail prop will make the feeding similar to that of their natural habitats. 

  1. Plugs

There are suet plugs that can give a more natural look on your garden. These are the kinds of feeders that look like a log but with holes on the sides. Some plugs are shaped in a short circular roll to fit the plug. You can even put suet cakes in the shape of Twinkies for added design. This design is more comfortable for the woodpeckers as there are no plugs to limit their pecking. The vertical log will also mimic the trees where they frequently feed so expect that they will always come on your garden for food.

  1. Balls 

Some of the most popular feeders are suet balls. These are ingredients that were formed into balls for woodpeckers to eat. Different sizes and ingredients are depending on the kind of bird that you want to attract on your backyard. Large suet balls have lots of spaces between the wires. They are very comfortable and provide easy food for your feathered friends. The small nuggets are treats for many species. They are not just made exclusively for woodpeckers. They are filled with nuggets which the birds can gobble up very quickly. 
A Final Word

When you are shopping for the best feeders, you need to know the right kind that will attract birds in your backyard in no time. You should choose something that can comfortably hold suet cakes, balls, plugs, peanuts and more for a few days. You should also consider protecting your feeder from weather elements such as rain or snow. Having a backyard with lots of colorful birds are a lot of fun. Start setting up your backyard today.