The Types Of Garden Netting You Should Use ASAP

There’s always an extra layer of protection you can introduce to your garden space. 

After all, your green spaces can be assailed by all manner of things, ranging from pests to diseases and bitter weathers. If your garden matters greatly to you, then you will be relieved to learn that there’s a lot you can do to right all the wrongs occurring here. Most of them involve some form of netting, too! 

Keep reading to discover the 3 types of garden netting in the UK that you should be using in your own outdoor areas at the earliest opportunity.

Butterfly Netting

Butterflies are often a welcome presence in the garden, but their presence does need to be controlled here and there. 

While these creatures can indeed be rather beautiful, they’re not wholly innocent when it comes to causing a few problems. Butterfly netting will ensure that they can’t lay any of their eggs in crops or produce that you’re growing, which means caterpillars won’t get a free meal out of your all your hard work.

This mesh is rather soft, with different width sizes cut to any length for any covering quota you have in mind. Basically, you’re never out of options here, and that flexibility is exactly what you need when countering the butterfly menace… 

Insect Netting

Insects in the garden can be a good thing and part of the natural order of things, but at times they can indeed be a rather irritating nuisance if they’re ruining crops.  

It’s understandable to want to curb this problem. However, conservationists have expressed the need to halve the use of UK pesticides, as insects are being killed off at alarming numbers. Their dwindling numbers can do great harm to the environment, as they play an important role in its functioning. Therefore, it’s important to provide a way of repelling the creatures from your garden without doing harm to them, and by extension, harm to the world around you.

Insect netting can be a suitable alternative to a destructive pesticide. It’s available in a range of mesh sizes, safeguarding your goods against thrips, aphids, and a host of other pests. Better yet, your crops won’t be deprived in the netting’s usage, which means there aren’t really any compromises to suffer here – just peace of mind to enjoy!

Fruit Cage Netting

When you’re growing fruits, birds can often swoop in and steal your product. 

Fruit cage netting is a safe preventive measure you can take for this problem. Consult Little Fields Farm for garden netting products, as they provide a range of products to help protect your garden at affordable prices. Easy installation is yet another high priority of theirs, too. There are no compromises on quality either, with the fruit cage varieties using extruded meshes for the side netting and sturdy knitted nets for the roof. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this type of garden netting can look rather smart also. Designating an area for your hobbies can make your green space look nicely organised, sectioned off with a sense of efficiency. Netting can lend a professional enclosure sort of apparel to your projects, rather than just leaving all your produce open and exposed. In the end, it’s definitely worth exploring further!