How to Create Low-Maintenance Landscaping

With a daily schedule full of career and family obligations, no one wants to spend their precious weekend hours tending to their landscaping. Setting up a low-maintenance outdoor style is easier than you may think. Using the right plants, unique garden alternatives, and nourishment for your lawn you can spend your time off enjoying your landscaping with less work.

Watering and weeding can take up a lot of your time, so designing your landscaping with less lawn space and plants that need less moisture is an important step. You don’t have to sacrifice style and curb appeal when you design your landscaping with simplicity. Choosing the right plants, grass seed, and watering options can help you build an attractive and easy to maintain the landscape for your home.

If you would rather spend more time with your family and less time on one of your lawn mowers, you need to start with reconsidering your landscaping design. Let’s look at a few ways to create a low-maintenance landscape that you will love.

Rock Gardens

If you live in an area of the country that is hot and arid, maintaining a lush lawn can be a tough challenge. Grass and garden plants need to be consistently watered to maintain their beauty. A stylish and simple alternative for your landscaping is to create a rock garden or use stone as a ground cover in your flower beds. Stone gardens can help to retain moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from invading your beds. Placing interestingly shaped rocks of varied sizes and shapes among some drought-resistant plants will create an elegant garden that doesn’t require a lot of watering.

Minimize Your Lawn

Cutting your grass is hard work that takes time away from more enjoyable activities like spending time with family and friends. For older homeowners or those that have mobility issues, cutting the grass can be a hassle. To reduce your maintenance time, you can reduce your lawn’s size. You can start by increasing the size of your garden beds, extending your patio, or planting a vegetable garden to help reduce the square footage of grass that needs to be cut regularly.

Plant Perennials

It can be back-breaking labor to plant new garden flowers every spring. To save yourself some valuable time without getting a scrap of dirt under your nails by planting perennials and low-maintenance bushes in your landscaping. Perennials will die off and return every year without having to dig in your garden.

Irrigation System

Dragging a heavy hose around your yard in the summer heat isn’t at the top of any homeowners to-do list. Watering your gardens and lawns is a necessity, but it doesn’t need to be a hassle. Installing an automated irrigation system, can be completed in just one weekend. Automatic watering systems allow you to choose the frequency of your watering schedule and give your landscaping the moisture it needs without having to do any heavy lifting. 

The key to creating low-maintenance landscaping is adding elements that reduce your workload. Choosing perennials that will bloom each year continuously, installing an irrigation system, creating stylish rock gardens, and minimizing your lawn space can help you create a low-maintenance landscape that you can enjoy without all the work.