It is cheaper to repair your lawnmower rather than replace it

With a few hot days under our belts, it feels like summer is finally around the corner – let’s hope we are starting to see the back of the cold weather! Over the wet months your lawn may have started looking more like a wild meadow then a nice inviting patch of grass; if so, it is time to turn your attention to garden maintenance. Before you start on the plants and lawn, you might want to turn your attention to your lawn mower.
No matter how well it has been stored, the winter months will have taken their toll on your lawnmower; therefore, you should take some time to give your mower the once-over before using it to cut your grass. If you take it out of the shed and it looks a bit rusty around the edges, consider buying new lawn mower parts rather than replacing it altogether. There are many lawnmower spares available and they are easier to replace then you think; in the long run, this will be a more cost-effective solution.
Hopefully you will have cleaned the lawnmower before storing it for the winter, but it is still worth giving it another thorough clean before using it again. Clean any debris and rust that has built up and tighten any nuts, bolts and screws.
Start to check each lawnmower part thoroughly. Check the electrical cable for nicks and cuts, as it may have been subject to gnawing teeth over the winter months. Replace the entire cable if any wires are exposed.
Next check the blade. If it is very rusty and worn, it is worth replacing this at the beginning of the season. These are easy to replace, but always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions. Lawnmower spare parts are readily available, but make sure any new blade you buy is compatible with your machine.
The air filter is another area that gets clogged up with use. A clogged filter will affect performance and can cause the machine to cough and splutter. This lawn mower part may be trickier to replace, but again you can refer to your manufacturer’s instructions to find out whether it can be done on your machine.
Most lawnmower spares are available if you look around – before thinking about replacing your machine, check out which lawn mower parts are available. This is by far the cheapest way to extend the life of your machine and is better for the environment in the long run.