Lawn Care Tips for All Year Round

Lawn Mower

If you like to have the yard looking like one of those you see in those real estate magazines, you want to be serious about lawn care. And it doesn’t matter if you have a large expanse or not in your property; you want to make the best use of any available space.

Planting grasses and trees are some of the expected additions in the yard, and one thing is sure, you will need to take a different approach each season to keep the surroundings looking neat. So how exactly should you go about keeping your grasses, trees, and other fittings in your surroundings to sparkle? 

You can engage the services of a professional outfit like lawn care Omaha, NE to help with the regular maintenance needs. But it doesn’t hurt to know what’s involved in proper lawn maintenance. You can find out exactly how in the sections below.

It Starts with the Perfect Lawn

You will only have to be interested in lawn maintenance if you have invested in your landscape. And this includes making the best use of the available space in your surroundings. Depending on your income and type of home, you could install several features in your landscape to beautify the area. 

And this is what lawn care is all about, making sure that space outdoors is encouraging and peaceful at the same time. So, yeah, you want to give it serious thoughts when planning out your lawn.

The Regular Stuff

So while you know now that you will have to design your lawn to suit your needs and living standards, we can now get into some of the critical things you will have to sort out with lawn maintenance.

Caring for the Vegetation

You likely will have grasses, flowers, and other forms of decorative or economic plants lying about the premises. And as you imagined, they will need to be catered for regularly. You will have to mow the grasses, trim the flowers, and uproot the weeds in the vicinity. 

There is also the issue of installing a watering/fertilization system to help with spreading water to the plants. And you will have to invest in the right gardening equipment to make sure you get the job done correctly.

Fertilizer application is also a critical factor to look into, and there is also pest and rodent control. This means that you will have to get fertilizers and occasionally fumigate the surroundings when insects and rodents abound the premises.

If you have bushy trees, you will have branches that trespass into the building construction. You will also have to bother about the leaves that creep around the place. Summertime is not left out also, as you will need to cure the flowers and plants to ensure they survive the weather. This may not be a problem if you have background knowledge of backyard gardening.

Winter Care

Lawn care during this period may not be required much as you will be dealing with a lot of ice sitting directly on top of your plants. But this doesn’t mean that they are safe and sound covered underneath. You should avoid trampling on the grasses as it could cause puddles and bruise the grasses.

What you want to do this period is to make sure that all other aspects of your gardening are in order before work is required. This includes checking up on the tools to make sure that they are in good condition. You want to sharpen any blunt instrument to make sure they don’t fail in the field. Also, grease the mower, as it will be required soon.

Spring Care

At the onset of spring in March, you want to use this period to inspect your lawn and observe the weather. It is common to experience snow during this time of year still, and if this is the case, you want to hold off on marching on the grasses just yet.

By April, when it is full spring, you want to set out on your feeding program. But you will first have to deal with any weeds and moss that emerged during the long winter months. You can apply treatments to help with the weeding, and any leftover remnants will have to be raked clean. 

Fill in the gaps, and any bare section will need to be seeded. By late May, before it begins to feel like summer, you can get on with the mowing to keep the grasses uniform and prepare the new seeds for the summer heat. You could equally begin watering slightly to encourage the new seeds to sprout.

Summer Care

This is where you will have to do more of the lawn care. First, you want to pick up on the watering to prevent the plants from burning out in the heat. You could also use this time to use any quick fertilizer application to speed up growth, but you want to watch out for moss and weeds first.

There are lawn care applications that can help with feeding and thinning out weeds. So you want to be careful when in search of lawn care products.

Autumn Care

If you happen to have embarked on a summer vacation and arrived at long grasses in front of the lawn, the right thing to do is clear it down in stages. This is to avoid too much dependence on the soil minerals if you trim out the entire space at once. You want to mow the grasses over the following weeks and take care of the bare areas.

Soil compaction will also be required to help with preparing the ground for winter. Using a rake, you can regularly dig into the ground to till out the base soil and water. You can also use this time to do some late sowing when you till open spaces. There is a detailed guide here on the best time to plant a new turf or seed. 

A follow-up fertilizer application is also necessary to help withstand the coming weather. It would help if you opted for autumn varieties that can help condition the lawn for snow and the lack of care during winter.

The last thing to do before winter is to pick out the leaves and fruits lying around, so they don’t decompose underneath the heap of snow and cause diseases to the plants. And once it starts to snow, you want to keep out of the lawn and use the walkway.

Final Notes

Regular lawn care may not be an easy task, but it sure has its upsides. You get to appreciate your outdoor space better, and there are the therapeutic benefits of regular gardening. Plus, you get to increase the value of your property in the real estate market if you consider including other decorative outdoor fittings.