Tree Irrigation Bags

A tree irrigation bag is a specialized bag designed to deliver water to a newly planted tree. The bag is made of durable and porous materials such as canvas or nylon, and it typically has a capacity of 15-20 gallons.

The tree irrigation bag is designed to be wrapped around the trunk of the tree and secured with straps or buckles. Once in place, the bag is filled with water and the water slowly seeps out through small holes in the bottom of the bag, providing a slow and consistent supply of water to the tree’s root system.

The benefits of using a tree irrigation bag include:

  1. Water Conservation: Since the bag delivers water slowly and consistently, it minimizes water waste due to runoff or evaporation.
  2. Promotes Deep Root Growth: The slow and consistent delivery of water encourages the tree’s roots to grow deeper into the soil, making it more drought-resistant.
  3. Convenience: The bag can be filled up every 5-7 days, reducing the need for frequent watering by hand.
  4. Cost-Effective: The bag is a cost-effective and efficient way to water trees, and it can be reused for many seasons.

Overall, a tree irrigation bag is a useful tool for ensuring that newly planted trees receive adequate water to establish healthy root systems and thrive in their new environment.