What to Grow: Fruit and Vegetables in the UK

  • For the greater number of the UK the thought to grow your own vegetables seems a menacing chore of lengthy hours spent in the garden after the novelty of growing your own wears off and a lot of people give up. However Suttons and Dobies are here to offer a helping hand! As top-end seeds retailers we can provide you with the best fruit and veg to grow in your garden, as well as how you can include them into some healthy snacks.

Spring Onions and Radishes
Both vegetables are capable of growing in a pot or in the garden and are perfectly suited as an ingredient to a succulent salad; the radish brings a natural pepper taste to the dish and the spring onions provide a sweet edge. These vegetables tend to grow better with plenty of sunlight, the end of spring is usually a good time to start planting the seeds.
A great vegetable to grow during the spring is the potato. They’re the staple for a vast number of dishes and go lovely with a lean steak or as a jacket with a tasty filling of your choice. The growing process is fun too: plant the seeds in a potato bag and as the green shoots begin to sprout recover them with compost. Carry on doing this until the bag’s full, then you can begin to water them. Wait until the foliage begins to go a yellow colour (around 10 to 20 weeks) then turn it upside down to reveal the potatoes you’ve grown
Blackberries are really easy to grow in the garden and are a British classic that go perfect in an overnight porridge. To create your fresh, nutritional breakfast first take your oats and pour in soy milk, just enough to soak them before mixing in your blackberries and leaving this in the fridge overnight to chill. In the morning, when you take the porridge out it’ll have a creamy texture to it which is sublime for a spring day. To grow these and make them easier to harvest when they fruit, train the stem into wires. Blackberries can grow anywhere in the garden as they don’t require a great deal of light or assistance. If you’re not a big fan of thorns an Apache plant will be better for you.
These are easy to grow and sprout in cooler weather, therefore the beginning of springtime is an ideal to get started on growing them. The peas once they’ve been planted need support from the stems, so be sure to use chicken wire or another netting between supports at the end of each row. Peas also taste delicious straight from the ground and are a great asset to a vegetable assortment or alongside a steak to finish off a lean dish.
Goji Berries
Goji Berries are more than capable of growing in Britain’s climate even though they are exotic and are surprisingly tough for a shrub, they can even grow at the windy coastal areas. However, they do need to see plenty of sunlight when the spring turns into summer months. The berries are also rich in nutrients as well as being extremely juicy. Mix these in a blender with other fruits and natural yogurt to create a superfood and help you take on any task the day has ahead, or alternatively, you could place a few off these over your cereal to give it an exotic touch.