Helping storm damaged plants and tree  after a storm 

Helping storm damaged plants and tree  after a storm
To help plants recover they can be pushed or lifted back to into position and staked using a stakes or a guide wire system as in the pictures below.
The key with staking and the use of guide wiring is to hold the roots and base of the plant steady without and movement which allowing the top of the shrub or tree to move in the wind over a period of a year to help activate new root growth to stabilise the plant. 
Trees and shrubs that are staked too firmly in the head of the plant do not make much root growth as they do not feel the need.
In addition it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to remove and damaged branches or stems plus reducing some of the top growth will help to rebalance the plants and in general help the plant to recover faster.  
Once we get into the growing season its worth watering and liquid feeding your plant as required again to speed recovery.