Snow drops in the green – best way to plant or move them

Snowdrops can be planted in the autumn as bulbs , but often with little success. The best way to establish snowdrops is to plant them ‘in the green’ – this means immediately after they have flowered, with their foliage still intact by digging them up and splitting the clumps. 
For best results, dive and replant your snowdrops on the same day, to prevent the plants from drying out. Plant your snowdrops deeply in moist soil and water thoroughly over the next few weeks, to ensure the roots quickly re-establish.
After planting a topdressing of a handful of Growmore fertiliser per square metre will help insure that you have a good show of early spring flowers from the snow drops next year.
Remember that spring bulbs need to die back before they are cut back because the the energy from the leaves goes back into the bulb and creates next years flowers so cutting back early or not allowing bulb to die back naturally will result in non flowering or blind plants