How You Can Easily – and Properly! – Organise Your Bedroom Wardrobe

We all need wardrobes in our bedrooms unless you’re okay with having your clothes, shoes, accessories, and whatnot all stored in different areas around your home. If you don’t have a proper wardrobe, it’s easy to lose sight of things and misplace items, and you could be stuck with too much clutter before you know it. But whilst you already know how important it is to have a good wardrobe, keeping it organised is another matter. So how can you efficiently – and properly! – organise your bedroom wardrobe? Here’s what you should know.

  • Take time to declutter

You may want to set aside a day or two to declutter, and you can do this more easily by sorting your items via category. It’s a better way than dumping everything on top of your bed, which only wastes time and isn’t efficient. The key is to separate your items into different categories: trousers, tops, dresses, outerwear, undergarments, and accessories. Once you have done so, sort through each category and decide which items you want to keep and which items you’d like to throw or give away. It’s a method that works because it’s easier to compare clothes and things when you can see them all together. 

  • Clean your wardrobe 

When you’re finished sorting through everything and have decided which items you want to keep, it’s time to thoroughly check your wardrobe for any leftover items (like a spare bobby pin or coin), and once it’s empty, give your wardrobe a good cleaning. Wipe down the wardrobe’s shelves, corners, and drawers, and scrub off any dirt or marks on the walls. 

It may even be a good idea to change your wardrobe altogether. You can go for a fitted wardrobe from fitted bedroom Leeds suppliers like My Fitted Bedroom. These fitted wardrobes are an excellent investment, and you can finally keep everything organised and properly stored. A fitted wardrobe is also ideal because it’s fully customised according to your space, so there is no space wasted at all. What’s more, you can have it designed to accommodate whatever items you have; if you’ve got a surplus of shoes and bags, for instance, you can have the wardrobe designed with more shoe racks and drawers. 

  • Store each item via category

Some people may have already been doing this, but it’s worth the change if you haven’t done it yet! When you store each item via category (e.g., shirts, tops, trousers, dresses, and more), it would be easier for you to locate an item in a hurry. It’s best to store similar items in one specific area, such as all your belts in one section and your workout clothing in another. 

  • Make sure to hang items that are fancy or delicate 

It would be a good idea to reserve your rails for fancy or delicate items, especially if you don’t have enough rail space for everything you’d like to hang. Fancy or delicate items can include everything from dresses to lingerie, skirts, and suits. Additionally, make sure you have enough space on the rails to hang structured clothing pieces such as blazers and coats.To make it even more organised, hang items in the same direction and keep the longer clothing items to the left and the shorter clothing to the right, as advised by organising guru Marie Kondo.