Slippy and dangerous patios – solving the problem

Over the later autumn and early winter patios can become slippy and unsafe under foot. Over the last few years this has become a problem with the use of Indian stone which is often a porous stone allow lichens, mosses and algae to grow on the surface.
In the spring you can power wash your patio but the GardenAdvice team have found with a number of clients applying a treatment of Doff patio cleaner by simply using a watering can to apply an even coverage to the patio which is left over winter allows the winter and early spring weather to work with the cleaner to remove the sloppiness from your patio. Then in the Spring simply washing the patio down with a hose and brushing with a stiff yard broom. Here is a link to the Doff patio cleaner
In addition to the winter treatment once the patio is clean and dry in the summer months its possible to seal your patio to help prevent the problem occurring again.  This can slightly change the colour of your patio depending on which sealant you use so its advisable to test a small area first allowing the sealant to dry so you can see the effect of the colour of the sample area. Here is a link to a patio sealant
Before sealing your patio its a good idea to remove any loose pointing and repoint the joints as required. This can be a time consuming job but using a Patio Grouting & Jointing compound can make the job a lot faster Here is a link to the compound
Simple follow the instructions and brush the compound into the joints and allow it to set saving lots of time compared to the traditional method of using sand and cement