Things to Consider When Bringing a Garden Inside Your Office

For avid gardeners, wanting to be outside as much as possible is the dream for many. However, for those times when you are unable to be outside, have you considered bringing your garden inside? It is the perfect way to spruce up an office, making it a more comfortable environment for yourself and others. The office space needs to be somewhere you feel happy, and having plants can do wonders. So without further ado, here are some considerations you need to make for achieving the perfect indoor garden in your office.  

1. Get rid of clutter

Before you do anything else, you will want to first clear everything out and clean the office. While you are doing this step, it makes sense that you also make an effort to get rid of the clutter. You will want as much space as possible for all the plants, and you don’t want clutter taking up that precious space. You will find this benefits you in other ways too. For example, if you can’t think straight because of all the clutter surrounding you, you may find yourself being more productive.  

2. What potted plants do you want

Having plants in your office makes for an environment that is much more warm and friendly, and for any gardener, you will know this all too well. It can make you feel more relaxed while working, and it’s a great way to brighten up your work area. You will need to select plants that are suitable for indoor use. 

However, you should also think about whether you can use your plants as a way to bring in more colour to your office. Colour isn’t just for fun; it’s also good for the mood of an office. A quick paint job can go a long way to improve a working environment, but so could your plants. It can help to relieve some stress from a hard day, and it can make the office look less dreary. So look into getting orchids, birds-of-paradise, African violets, Anthuriums, coleus, and cyclamen. 

3. Maintain good air quality 

Of course, it is important to work in a healthy environment, but if you are going to be creating an indoor garden, then you also need to ensure that your office is a healthy place for your plants too. You need to ensure that you have good air quality, so making sure to install good air ducts is a start. However, you want to ensure that you can maintain this great environment for them. Therefore, you will need to look into caring for your air ducts. Part of this will involve regular ductwork cleaning. This will enable your plants to thrive. 

4. Don’t forget about your essential tools 

Just like you need the right equipment for the office, you will need to make sure your office is equipped with everything you need to look after the plants. Create a section of the office where you keep everything, from your hand pruner and fork to your water cans, that enables your staff or yourself to care for your plants.