What’s it all about then this MyGardenTeam service

Well, it is your very own gardening expert available to give you gardening advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits*

It’s a simple idea that provides you with your own gardening expert in the form of a personal gardening assistant. A real live fully trained GardenAdvice gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects. Plus if you need it a helping hand to get you started on your garden or to rescue a gardening project that’s gone slightly astray.

Together with your very own gardening expert on the MyGardenTeam you will plan the objectives for your garden including designs and planting plans.

After your first visit, your MyGardenTeam expert will create a plan of action taking into account the weather in your area, your soil type and condition plus the time you have available and what you wish to achieve from your garden such as creating more colour or growing your own vegetables and fruits.


Your gardening expert on the MyGardenTeam team is part of a network of expert horticulturists at GardenAdvice so if you need some highly specialist advice on say creating a wildlife area or lawn drainage you can simply request this.

MyGardenTeam service also uses our groundbreaking genesis-green4 platform which helps us make recommendations to you as garden tasks such as feeding and pest and disease control alerts using local weather data and your soil type and gardens aspect etc. 

The MyGardenTeam system uses WordPress software to enable both your garden advisor and you to create and keep your own notes as well as being able to view the detailed plans and task lists we have created for you to guide you in creating your dream garden.

Hosted on the MyGardenTeam servers you will be able to 

View your personal gardening plan and calendar created for you by your personal gardening expert containing tasks such as times to sow seed or transplant young plants, thinning out and estimated harvest times.

Gardening calendar tasks containing links to additional information on the scheduled task and in many cases “how to” downloadable gardening videos.

Create a diary record of your progress throughout the year

Set up appointments with your MyGardenTeam garden expert to discuss gardening projects and tasks or to receive advice.

Create your own gardening knowledge database by requesting advice and information from your own gardening advisor on the GardenAdvice staff.

* Garden Visits are charged in addition to the £145 annum fee for the basic MyGardenTeam service. The charge for a garden visit is normally based on the hours required for the visit and you will be provided with a written quote.

Garden visits that require less than 30 mins are not chargeable. Our average time to arrange a garden visit is 10 days from the request.