Gardening How To

Wildflower and wildlife gardens

Advice and projects from the GardenAdvice team on creating and maintaining wildlife and wildflower meadow gardens. Learn more

Plant notes from GardenAdvice

Information on growing, pruning and training your garden plants. Expert advice and how to demonstration notes. Learn More

Garden pests with GardenAdvice

Garden pests are a fact about gardening you cannot escape. The GardenAdvice Team show you how to control them organically Learn More

Lawns with GardenAdvice

Lawns can be created from the traditional grasses or modern lawns can be created from clover or sedum. The GardenAdvice team explain which type of lawn is best for you Learn More

Garden disease with GardenAdvice

The GardenAdvice Team show you how to prevent and control garden disease as organically as possible Learn More

Water gardens and features

Water gardens, ponds, lakes and water feature can all add interest to a garden. The GardenAdvice Team show you how to design and create them in your own garden Learn More

Garden trees with GardenAdvice

Care for your garden trees with gardening tips and advice from the GardenAdvice expert gardeners and tree specialists Learn More

Garden Design with GardenAdvice

The Gardenadvice Team explain the latest techniques and tips on creating a garden design for your garden Learn More

Fruit gardens with GardenAdvice

Grow your own fruit in your own garden with some advice from the GardenAdvice fruit growing experts Learn More

Houseplant with GardenAdvice

Learn how to grow and maintain your houseplants with the GardenAdvice houseplant experts Learn More

Grow your own veg with GardenAdvice

With the increasing cost of vegetables after Brexit and the lockdown growing your own is a good move Learn how with the GardenAdvice team

Create a garden with GardenAdvice

Create a garden for yourself with some help from the GardenAdvice Team showing you a number of gardening projects Learn More

Glasshouses with GardenAdvice

Even a small unheated glasshouse or greenhouse can be used to produce early and late flowers and crops. The GardenAdvice team show your how Learn More

Container gardens with GardenAdvice

Container gardens can be a rewarding area to grow your favourite plants, get some expert advice with the GardenAdvice Team Learn More