Creating a new lawn from seed. Notes on how to create a new lawn from seed Click Here

As the climate changes and summer have longer dry spells a good alternative to the traditional lawn is a clover lawn. Click Here to learn more

Moss killer for lawns

Moss killer for grass lawns is a product designed to eliminate moss from lawns. Moss can be a common problem in lawns that are shady, moist, or have poor drainage. Click here for more information on moss killer for lawns

Newly germinated grass seed and clover lawns

As the seed germinates and reaches around 25 mm you need to pick out the larger stones from the surface over 25mm, the remainder will be rolled into the surface later. Click here for more information on newly germinated grass seed

When Should I Treat My Lawn For Moss And How Often Should I Do It?

If you are having issues with moss on your lawn, which is common around this time, then there are some tips to help you control the issue. Click here to learn more about treating your lawn for moss

Lawn experts reveal winter lawn care tips everyone should know

t’s easy to neglect your garden during winter as most of us spend our time inside avoiding the cold weather. However if you want your garden to have a flying start in spring, your lawn may need extra attention after a long cold and wet winter. Click here to learn how to take care of your lawn during winter