One day gardening course for beginners

If you are new to gardening with the vast amount of information available on gardening on the Internet combined with all the latin plant names it can all seem a bit confusing. As a solution the GardenAdvice team have developed a one day gardening course which is carried out in your garden with one of our expert gardeners to show you the way to creating your dream garden.

All our one day gardening courses include 12 months support with our MyGardenTeam service providing you ongoing advice and support in your own garden to develop your ideal garden

Our garden course for beginners covers a number of gardening skills including 

Basic gardening techniques such as digging, grass cutting, pruning, planting and watering.

Easy garden maintenance covers methods to make your garden easy to look after. Including weed control.

Basic construction methods cover how to build raised organic vegetable beds and hotbeds.

Pest and diseases how to control them by using organic methods and creating a natural balance in your garden to keep them under control.

Creating special areas in your garden including an organic veg plot, fruit garden, perennial borders and water features

Pruning and feeding your plants – the best time to prune and how to prune to maintain size and flowering. 

Before the course, we will have a chat with you to see how we can tailor the course to match your gardening projects and interests.

The course involves both practical demonstrations and short talks aimed at giving you an introduction to all the basic skills you will need in your garden.

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