MyGardenTeam clients

At GardenAdvice we believe that you should be able to create your own gardening paradise from your own vision and some help from the GardenAdvice team.

Our MyGardenTeam service has been especially designed to support you in creating your own garden with our support online and by visits to your garden by our qualified garden advisors

The MyGardenTeam service is designed to enable you to team up with one of the GardenAdvice expert gardeners so that together you can develop your garden idea and build it together.

Visit some of our MyGardenTeam service clients and see how they are developing with our teams help.

Jackie MyGardenTeam member from Ware

Jackie project with the GardenAdvice MyGardenTeam service was to develop a more interesting garden using plants to create all year around colour. Special problem to be solved include two dogs that dig up flower beds and love rolling in the soil. This problem was solved by using a landscape sheeting and bark and planting the plants through the sheeting to stop the dogs getting muddy and bring the soil into the house.