Revolutionise Your Lawn Care With GardenAdvice

GardenAdvice’s MyGardenTeam Service – Free Lawn Care Included

Garden enthusiasts, it’s time to elevate your green space with GardenAdvice’s MyGardenTeam service Imagine having a dedicated team to guide your gardening efforts, ensuring your lawn receives the best care possible. And the best part? Our comprehensive lawn care is included for free within our service for lawns up to 75 square meters. Let’s delve into how MyGardenTeam can transform your lawn into the lush, healthy greenery you’ve always desired.

Understanding Your Lawn’s Needs: A Scientific Approach

Our journey to lawn perfection begins with a thorough soil test. Why? Because every lawn is unique. The soil test is the cornerstone of our approach, determining the exact nutrients your lawn needs. This personalised assessment considers factors like soil type, and whether your lawn is a playground for pets and children. By understanding the specific requirements of your lawn, we can tailor a nutrient plan that’s just right.

Advanced Lawn Care Techniques: The GardenAdvice Edge

With MyGardenTeam, you’re not just getting standard lawn care; you’re accessing advanced techniques developed by our experts. Our services include:

Soil pH Tests and Adjustments  Ensuring your soil’s pH is balanced is crucial for healthy grass. We adjust as necessary to create the ideal growing conditions.

Bacterial Control of Thatch Thatch can harbour diseases like dollar spot, especially in winter. Our bacterial control methods keep thatch in check, reducing disease risk.

Cutting-Edge Lawn Techniques Our team stays abreast of the latest in lawn care, from mowing strategies to watering practices. We bring this knowledge to your lawn, helping you achieve that lush, magazine-cover look.

Join the MyGardenTeam Service

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to transform your lawn and garden. By joining MyGardenTeam or signing up for one of our one-day gardening courses, you’re not just taking care of your lawn; you’re investing in the health and beauty of your entire garden. Our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Ready to take your lawn to the next level? Visit GardenAdvice’s MyGardenTeam service to get started. Embrace the journey to a perfect lawn and thriving garden with GardenAdvice’s expert team by your side. Remember, a beautiful garden starts here – with MyGardenTeam.