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GardenAdvice services list 2024

View all the current GardenAdvice services created by our team to help you enjoy and get the most out of your garden. 

GardenAdvice Online gardening Advice
Our online gardening advice service is designed to answer your garden questions by providing you with emailed answers often with links to how to video clips and is available for the annual fee of £10 or its included for 12 months included with any purchase you make from GardenAdvice.

upgrade to GardenAdvice online plus service which includes a £10 Voucher for our shop and in addition

  • Your own GardenAdvice Online section for notes gardening questions and GardenAdvice answers and notes in response to plant identification and gardening projects. See an example Click Here 
  • One GardenAdvice 20 min Flying Garden Advisor visits a year from March to November each year.  Request a Flying Garden Advisor visits and we will contact you when we are in your area Click Here for further details 

If you have a ongoing gardening project we recommend that you take out a MyGardenTeam membership option as MyGardenTeam members receive ongoing advice and support.

Garden Border Design Service
Send us the shape and size of your border and we will design it or you. The border design service is part of our MyGardenTeam service and is available to members or non members at £65. Your border will be designed by our fully qualified and time served garden designers. This is for garden borders up to 50 square metres.

MyGardenTeam Membership – £175 per year

The MyGardenTeam service from GardenAdvice teams you up with your own expert gardener on the GardenAdvice staff to help you plan and develop your garden, together you will save time and money whilst developing your ideal garden.
• Your own personal online garden expert to help you with your gardening projects and plans by visit, phone and email
• Online garden log to keep all your notes and a record of the progress of your garden.
• Online calendars created by your garden expert including pruning dates, vegetable sowing
• Estimating service included up to 5 hours every 6 months
• Garden advisor visit in your own garden .
• Free lawn care up to 75 square metres of lawn 
• Free soil tests 
• One day gardening course included in the MyGardenTeam membership plus 50 percent off a further 5 of our one day gardening courses

Soil tests – £45 soil testing service is part of our MyGardenTeam membership and tests up to three samples of soil testing in the GardenAdvice team soil labs You will receive a full soil test report with 14 day of receiving you soil samples.

Garden design and construction service
We can design your a new garden and construct it anywhere with our fully qualified and expert staff who specialist in garden landscaping both soft and hard. To see some of the examples of gardens we have built visit our garden design section click here

Estimating service £40 per hour – Our estimating service has been created to work out the materials you need for a project and to obtain you the best quotes from a number of suppliers for the materials required. Example = An estimate for the material for a large patio would normally take 1 hour and save our client or viewer on average £55 ( base on standard builders merchant costs, as against our overall materials volume discounts )

One day gardening courses – £225
If you are new to gardening it can all seem a little bit complicated at first with all the Latin names and the gardening terminology. have developed a especially designed short one day course to be able to teach you all the basic skills of gardening to get you started.
The courses are being held in your own garden thought the U.K and covering such basic skills as pruning, growing organic vegetables, correct digging methods, growing your own shrubs and creating the perfect lawn.

Garden advisor visiting service – starting from £100 or included in our MyGardenTeam service
At GardenAdvice we offer a great range of products to help you achieve your gardening ambitions one of which is the advisor visiting service.
One of our horticultural advisors will visit you at home, at a time to suit you, and provide you with some of the best advice around on your garden for £100 depending on were you live..

Corporate Membership

GardenAdvice Corporate Membership –

Elevate your company’s engagement with nature and well-being through our Corporate Membership. Building upon our Standard MyGardenTeam Membership, our Corporate Membership offers your business or organisation an array of exclusive benefits that foster a harmonious connection between your employees and the gardening and natural world

GardenAdvice Bee Project

If your up to a bit of hard work then we could do with your assistance with our Bee Project.

Our bee project is designed to support over 10,000 mini Bee and other pollinating insects mini reserves created in our members and viewers gardens.
Whist its not possible with the resources available to us to carry out research in disease and pests effecting Bees it is possible with you help to create a network of gardens that provide Bees and other pollinating insects with a reliable supply of food and shelter in changing climate conditions. In simple terms the spring activity in plants, animals and insects is triggered mainly by accumulative light and temperatures levels designed to trigger the activity of insects such as bees and plants to work together to the benefit of both in respect of pollination and food sources.

Fruit Tree Pruning – £45 to £65 per tree or bush
The GardenAdvice team have launched a winter fruit tree pruning service which is available from October until the end of February. The service includes pruning your fruit trees and bushes, removing the pruned material, tar washing the fruit plants, applying grease bands and feeding the fruit trees or bushes.
Plus the option of adding some companion plants from seed around the base.