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At GardenAdvice, we are dedicated to helping you create your dream garden with the support of our skilled gardening experts through our MyGardenTeam service. By understanding your specific needs and preferences, we can work together to develop a garden that meets your requirements, whether it’s a low-maintenance space, abundant in summer color, or tailored to be pet or child-friendly.

The MyGardenTeam service kicks off with an initial visit to discuss your vision and address any questions you might have. Following this visit, you’ll receive a garden report and planting suggestions, setting the objectives for your garden’s development over the next year.

Our comprehensive MyGardenTeam Service includes:

  • Additional visits: Regular check-ins to offer further advice or assistance upon request. ( normally free for visits under 30 mins )
  • Extra assistance: Quotes for any necessary additional help (e.g., pruning).
  • Plants and gardening materials: Access to trade discounts on plants and materials.
  • Online notes and calendar: A dedicated online section for notes, pictures, and task scheduling.
  • Free lawn care: Two treatments for lawns up to 75 square meters.
  • Plant swap: A seasonal plant exchange system for MyGardenTeam members.
  • Free tool loan: Borrowing of gardening tools, like garden shredders and long-handled loppers.

For more information, visit our MyGardenTeam service online at:

Our MyGardenTeam gardeners are passionate about helping you develop and enjoy your garden, while teaching you new skills along the way.

To learn more about our MyGardenTeam service, call 01225 637218 or email us at

You can also follow some of our MyGardenTeam members as they develop their gardens by Clicking Here