Be Rid Of Ivy.

Sight For Sore Eyes – Lots of gardeners if not every gardener encounters problems in their garden one way or another.Ivy can certainly be identified as one of these garden menaces and can give your garden an unsightly look. However a few simple steps can be used to remove ivy and restore order in your garden.

Eliminate – Here at GardenAdvice the way we remove Ivy is to first cut the plant stems at the base removing 25mm section an then allow the tops to die.This process usually takes a few months.Then you can peel away the ivy stems.After that process is complete one can then proceed to killing the stump and roots.This is achieved by using up to 4 applications of ‘Round Up’ weed killer onto the foliage or another product you can consider using is ‘Stump Out’.The use of these products will guarantee that both the stump as well as the root will be killed.However you will risk killing other plants around the existing stump as it will affect the soil.

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