Controlling Earthworms In A Lawn.

Though most of the chemicals have now been taken off the market,that one would use for this issue,as well as in effort to contributing to a healthier environment there are other methods to control this situation.

For gardeners observing the presence of earthworms in your lawn,here at GardenAdvice we would recommend that when the lawn is wet and the worms will be near the surface you water the lawn with water and washing up liquid about 2 percent solution in a watering can.

This, after 30 mins, will bring them to the surface and then you can remove them by hand.They do a lot of good in a lawn so do not remove them all. With the casts they produce you are best on a dry day to sweep the lawn with a brush(i.e witches broom type)this will scatter the casts and, in effect, help top dress the lawn.

After you have removed the worms if bare patches exist you can overseed the lawn and it should recover quite quickly.

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