Creating Garden Border In An Existing Lawn Area.

When creating a Shrub Border in an existing lawn, there are a few steps that one would have to follow.Here at GardenAdvice,our experts recommend to gardeners performing this exercise,to take the following steps in order to make this task as simple and straightforward as possible.

Firstly mark out the area with a hose pipe or length of rope to create the Border’s shape or edge.

Next treat the grass where the border is going to be formed with ‘Round Up’ weedkiller to kill the grass. Leave for 2 days and then add some organic matter to the bed area and dig over and level.Once you have reached this stage dig around the border to form an edge then cover with weed sheeting and cover the sheeting with a bark mulch.

Finally you can set the plants out on the border,scrap the bark,cut a cross in the sheeting and then plant the plants through the weed sheeting,replacing the bark around the plants once they have been planted.

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