Dividing A Phyllostachys Aurea Hedge.

To divide your Phyllostachys aurea to form a new hedge I would first prepare the new hedge line by digging over a trench about 30cm wide and a spades depth and adding lots of organic mater such as spent mushroom compost or well rotted farm yard manure.Then with a sharp spade (it might even be worth using a file on the spade to get a sharper edge,This is what our guys do).
Either remove areas from the existing plants or dig up the plants and divide into 15cm clumps or roots with the stems.Be careful not to cut your hands on the leaves and not to get stabbed in the eye with the short bamboo stems,it worth wearing some sort of eye protection.
Then replant in the new position.Most people tend to forget that bamboo is a grass and as such if you water and feed it you will be able to establish a hedge a lot quicker.So once replanted feed it with a general plant feed such as growmore and once the spring is underway feed again with a liquid plant food every 3 weeks.