Garden Drainage For The Small Garden.

Garden drainage for the small garden
With all the wet weather we have been having lately garden drainage has become a major issue for many people.If you are considering installing a drainage system in your garden or lawn there are a few basic rules and tips to follow.
Firstly you are best to use a trenching spade simply because they are not as wide as a normal spade and so are better for digging trenches removing less soil and the resulting trenches,requiring less clean stone and soil to back fill.
Secondly creating a silt trap is a good way to connect your drainage system to your main rainwater drainage system.The silt trap is a simple box the water from the drainage system passes through, entering one side and filling the box then exiting the other side as the box fills up leaving the heavier silt in the bottom of the box.The Box can be created from a heavy duty plastic box or created from some building block which have been laid to form a box and then the inside rendered.
Finally most drainage systems are based on agricultural methods which assume you will be ploughing up your land every few years so it’s important to add a method for the surface water on your lawn or flower beds to access the drains.This can be done once the drains are installed by adding a slit trench created by a spade at metre spacings across the lawn or flower bed this will enable the surface water to connect with the drains.
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