Garden Wonders – Wisteria Alba.


Wisteria Alba – This vigorous growing shrub known for its climbing characteristics is graced with a magnificent blossoming of flowers during spring whilst in summer is enriched with an abundance of green leaves. This shrub is gifted to withstand the toughest winters and is also known to be resistant to most pests and diseases.

Propagation Of Wisteria from Seeds – When using this method of propagation, your Wisteria should produce new plants although they might revert to their original form e.g Blue or Lilac flowers.  Firstly one should remove the seeds from the pods and sow three into a 100mm pot using a soil-based compost and place them in a sheltered corner. The seeds will then require several cold days to break the dormancy of the seeds before germinating. You can expect about 30 per cent of the seeds to germinate. Click Here for more information on growing wisteria from seed.

Touch of Elegance – The branches of Wisteria twist around their support which makes them ideal for embellishing walls, gates, fences, railings and pillars or can even be left to climb around other trees. Known to thrive harmoniously on its Wisteria makes a perfect addition to any garden whether it be traditional or modern.

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