Indoor Cyclamen Care After Flowering.

Cyclamen care after flowering – Once your in indoor Cyclamen has finished flowering the flowers and the stems will start to wilt.Its best to cut them off at the base of the flower stalk near to the Cyclamens corm.When all the flowers have died then start to reduce the amount of water you give the plant and the leaves will start to die back and all the plants energy will be transfered into the corm.Allow the plant to die down and leave for about 6 weeks in the pot.Next remove from the pot lightly tap off some of the compost,check for pests such a vine weevil and then re-pot using some fresh compost around the sides.Then start to water again lightly at first and when the plant has reformed 6 to 8 new leaves you can start to feed it will a house plant feed.It should start to produce flower in the autumn again.