Indoor Dracaena Plant Care Notes.

How can I care for my new Dracaena Plant?
Dracaenas can tolerate most light conditions, except direct hot sun light and positions.
Watering – In the indoor environment watering should be carried out weekly. Many people overwater the plant keeping the compost soggy.It should be kept moist, but not soggy.The soil should be allowed to dry out once a month, but do not allow it to become bone dry as this can cause brown tips and edges. When watering use, water that is at room temperature, and if it is tap water,allow it to sit for a few hours so the chlorinate evaporates. Fluoride in the water can lead to tip burn.
Feeding – only feed lightly once every two months with a liquid feed. Overfeeding will cause burned leave tips.
Light – Dracaenas will survive in low interior light,but would prefer bright,indirect filtered light.
Position – Place Dracaenas near,or opposite,a curtained southern window.
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