Indoor Inter Lemon And Orange Plant Care.

Indoor lemon and orange tree care
The key for caring for indoor lemons and oranges plants over the.
Winter months is try and make sure they get a good levels of light.Citrus plants including lemon and oranges require high levels of light which mirrors the conditions they find in their native Mediterranean.Often in the late winter months and early spring lots of people growing indoor lemons and oranges note that the plants lose a lot of leaves through leaf fall.
One solution to this is on sunny days during winter when no cold winds are forecast to stand the citrus plants outside your house for example sitting on the patio during a few hours during mid day although this is a lot of work and can be quite inconvenient it will greatly help your citrus plants to maintain the existing leaves over winter and get a head start in the spring with flower and then fruit production.Also during the winter months it’s an ideal time to repot you lemon more orange plants ideally with a John Innes soil based compost remembering that both lemon and orange plants require a slightly acid compost.

For further information on general care of lemon and orange trees and plant follow the link below.